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Acupressure is a manual therapy technique that is used to relieve pain and muscle tension. Acupressure is performed using fingers gradually pressing onto key points around the body to simulate pain relief and muscle relaxation. The acupressure technique is used on trigger points within muscles and soft tissues. A trigger point is a neuromuscular point where a muscle and a nerve meet together and cause irritation. This meeting place often causes pain when compressed and can lead to muscle spasm. When acupressure technique is applied, pain is often reduced by interrupting pain signals to the brain and encouraging deep relaxation.

It is also used for pain relief. Muscular trigger points are commonly treated with acupressure. Trigger points are a sensitive area of the body that cause irritation and pain. Localized pain can be a dull or a sharp sensation and also can be felt in another area of the body.

It relieves aches, pains and tension caused by trigger points by stimulating the central nervous system and disturbing the pain signals sent to the brain.

It helps treat increased muscular tension. Muscular tension is caused by muscles contracting at a relaxed state. An increase of tension in a muscle leads to chronic tightness and pain. Acupressure is highly recommended to enable tension to be relieved. It stimulates an increase of blood and raises the temperature in muscles. Increased temperature relaxes muscles therefore reducing pain and tightness.

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