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First Month: Beginner Level (4 Weeks)

Embark on your yoga journey with a solid foundation. The first month focuses on beginner-level practices, introducing you to fundamental poses. Develop a strong understanding of the basics, setting the stage for a rewarding and sustainable yoga practice.

Second Month: Intermediate Level (3 Weeks + 1 Week teaching practice)

As you progress, the second month delves into intermediate-level yoga. Explore and master over 45 traditional Hatha yoga asanas, honing your skills through dedicated alignment classes held every Saturday. Immerse yourself in a week of teaching practice, applying and solidifying your newfound knowledge.

Third Month: Hatha Yoga Based on Iyengar Yoga (3 Weeks + 1 Week teaching Practice)

Building upon your foundation, the third month introduces Hatha yoga based on Iyengar principles. Experience the depth of this practice through focused alignment and precision. Enjoy dedicated restorative class every Saturday, allowing for introspection and rejuvenation. The month concludes with another week of teaching practice, where you can refine your teaching skills and enhance your confidence.


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